Thursday, 22 August 2019

Tuakana Teina - Ethan and Tyson

The Tuakana Teina relationship, an integral part of Traditional Maori society, provides a model for buddy systems. An older or more experienced, guides the younger, or less experienced.
Look at these two! Ethan writing beautifully during independent writing today, wanted help with the 'ing' in 'getting'. In steps Tyson to support and help. So much we love about this photo! Ethan, writing beautifully, showing initiative and asking around for the letters in 'ing' , and Tyson responding and happily helping. Love it!
Well done boys. 

caught with the writing bug! Angus and Kayla

Our Blue Fish group had independent writing today and boy were we impressed with the outcome! It's lovely to see kids confidently communicating through writing and having the courage to get their ideas down on their own. They even showed it off to Mr Anderson. Well done Angus and Kayla.

Lachie's bear project

After creating a fabulous paper mache earth, Lachie had his next project in sight! His very own stuffed teddy bear. Lachie had to plan the items he would need (Material, needle, thread, googly eyes) and even thought to enlist some help from mum for the tricky sewing part. Lachie chose orange material for his teddy and found a bear pattern to trace around onto the material. We love how happy you look with your bear Lachie, and rightly so! It's wonderful. Well done. 

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Sienna and Ada Teach Gymnastics

Sienna and Ada planned a gymnastics project. They had a clear idea about the type of activities they wanted to teach and a list of all the equipment they would need. First they decided to do a practise run using children from Inaka and then they tested it out on children form Nga Puna. We love the concentration on their faces as they all looked to be having a lot of fun whilst practising their gymnastics. Great organising girls and well done on being gymnastic teachers and sharing your expertise with others.

Playdough Challenge

Last week we had a challenge to make a snowman out of play dough. These are a couple we spotted during the day. This was a good activity to develop fine motor skills as well as observation skills (looking at a picture for details). We think Cooper and Sidney did a great job.

Paige, Makenzie and Chloe the Cake Bakers

Another cake project - this time Paige, Makenzie and Chloe were the ones creating this masterpiece! The girls learnt that it ws much quicker to make the cake in the microwave rather than using the oven and it turned out fabulous! Once the cake cooled the girls iced and decorated it with ingredients they brought from home. They each took one third home - another great way of using fractions in a real life context!

Hugo and Tyson's Cake Project

Hugo and Tyson baked this fabulous looking cake using lots of measuring to make sure they had the exact amount of ingredients and then measuring the time to make sure their cake was cooked to perfection. The boys chose the bright green for their icing and then decorated it. To share the cake equally they had to use their fractions to make sure they both got half each. It looks delicious!

Moko and Chloe's List 2 Words

Ka pai Moko and Chloe on learning all your List 2 words. Great effort!

List 3 Celebration for Cairo

Woohoo Cairo! You now know all your List 3 words. Great effort :)

Slime Projects

Kayla and Mrs O found a recipe for a non toxic slime involving just 4 ingredients. Once Mrs O tracked down some psyllium husk powder we were able to get started. This sparked some fabulous oral language as Kayla watched the mixture bubble away and thicken up. She thought it looked like a red galaxy, a bubbling brain and a tornado. It certainly looked really cool! Kayla chose to make hers red and we were really excited that it actually worked!

This then inspired Kimmie to make slime an she invited Cairo, Finnley and Joshua to help make it with her. A real team effort! They chose to make theirs green. Well done on a successful project.

Tommy's Chair

Tommy has created this amazing chair for his toy turtle. He had to measure it and make it just the right size. Then he decorated it by painting it bright colours. Finally, Tommy decided it needed a comfy cushion and blanket as well. This involved lots of fractions as Tommy had to cut his material into quarters to be just the right size. Then he hand sewed the cushions and stuffed it. It looks amazing. His turtle looked very cosy resting on it! What an awesome project - lots of perseverance involved.

Week 5 (19-23 August)

Welcome to Week 5 :)

Monday Performance
On Monday afternoon we will be watching a performance by the two Waimairi School bands - a perfect way to celebrate our Music/Arts term. This will be in the hall from 1.50pm.

On Friday we enjoyed hosting Wai Iti in our space and learning about lots of different percussion instruments together. We then had a turn at playing an instrument and keeping the beat in time to a song. We are learning that the beat is a steady pulse that doesn't speed up or slow down.

Classroom Release Time
Mrs O's ora group have PE with Mr Lukes on Tuesday afternoon following Kapa Haka.

Sadly this Friday is Miss Oxley's final day with us and we are really going to miss her! But super exciting as it means that Miss Oxley is ready to have her very own class next year and we wish her all the very best for a rewarding career ahead in teaching. Minetta has contributed so much over her five weeks with us and we have loved her enthusiasm, initiative and exciting learning activities.

Chess Club
Thursday lunchtime in Room 4.

Playground Leaders
Monday to Thursday lunchtimes on the field (weather permitting).

Toys are creeping back to school again. There are a couple that are at school for specific projects but other than that please keep toys at home. They are starting to cause a distraction especially during mat times. Sports gear (balls etc) for use at break times is fine. Thanks for helping to reinforce this with the children.

Tired Children
There are quite a few tired children at the moment. If you feel they need a half day during the week please just let us know. It's hard with lots of coughs and colds still circulating around and this can take it's toll on health and well being.

Lucky Book Club
Orders from the last book club should be in by now. There is a new lucky book club mailer coming home this week - look out for it in school bags over the coming days.

Thanks to our reading return helpers - most appreciated thank you!

Have a great week :)

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Help with washing up

Kia Ora Whanau.

We are so impressed lately with the quality, effort and perseverance put into projects by our Inaka kids. We have some amazing things happening from paper mache to baking.
With amazing comes mess!
If you are able to help out by taking home our washing bag (hanging above the aprons in the kitchen area) or cleaning paint brushes after school one day please let us know.
We are so lucky to have you guys! Many of you have already offered.
Thanks team

Tina and Monique.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Making cupcakes - Archie, Lily, Ira and Felicity

So many delicious baking projects lately!
Archie and his friends Ira, Lily and Felicity wanted to do some baking. With the help of Archie's mum (Thanks Amanda!) they were able to make chocolate cupcakes to take home. So much measuring! Not only did they have to equally share out who brought what items along to school during their planning phase, measure the milk, flour and butter, they also had to measure, fold, cut and stick together their cupcake boxes! Phew! What a productive time. The finished result not only tasted delicious but looked fantastic! Well done team. all that hard work paid off.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Harry learns his list 3 words

Well done Harry! You have learnt all of your list 3 words. We are proud of you.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Celebrating Sidney's Star

Well done to Sidney for getting your List 1 words all completed. Sidney only had a couple left to learn and has now achieved this. She already has her List 2 words - we will look forward to celebrating her List 3 soon no doubt!

Week 4 (12-16 August)

Welcome to Week 4 :)

Classroom Release Time
This week Tina's ora group has PE with Mr Lukes on Thursday afternoon.

Kapa Haka
Tuesday from 1.30-2pm in the hall.

Playground Leaders
This week's playground leaders will be out on the field (weather permitting).
Monday: Ball Tag
Tuesday: Dodge the Seaweed
Wednesday: Long Ball
Thursday: Tag Games

Library is open morning tea and lunchtimes for those who want a quiet place to relax in.

Mexican Fiesta
This Friday night from 7pm is Emma Stoddart's fundraising night at The Redwood for a night of music, supper and with a first drink included. There are amazing auction items up for grabs including accommodation packages to Wanaka, Queenstown, Church Bay, Akaroa, and Waikouaiti. Plus auctions for home cleaning/gardening/window cleaning, Crusaders signed 3-peat jersey, coffee machine, electronic items, trailer load of wood with free delivery, beauty packages, hair cuts and much more.

Why not grab a group of friends (they don't have to be from Waimairi School) and grab some tickets - great for a girls night out or just a night away from the kids! You can purchase tickets at the office, from Emma or via eventbrite ($40). We hope to see many of you there.

Reading Roster
Thank you to all our wonderful helpers who have added their names to our reading roster for the term - you are all awesome and we really appreciate your time doing this.

Have a great week :)

Music Hour

Music Hour
Waimairi's 2019 Music Hour will be held at Bryndwr Chapel on Idris Road on Tuesday 10 September at 6pm.  This is a chance for student's learning an instrument at school to perform for their families.  If your child is involved, you should have received a notice from your child's music teacher.  If you have any questions about this event, please contact Katie Lord 

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Cleo's mum helps with sewing

It is so lovely to see our whanau come and help during project time. Cleo's mum (Renee) came to help with her sewing project. They created their pattern, cut him out, and stuffed him! Just lovely. 

"The Fox and Layla" - A book written and illustrated by Makenzie

Makenzie became inspired to create her own book after helping Chloe.B with the typing of her project story. Makenzie decided on her story and told the story aloud whilst Tina scribed. She then tirelessly typed word after word until her book was completed. Such persistence Makenzie! We love your story.