Sunday, 17 February 2019

Week 3 (18-22 February)

Welcome to Week 3 :)

Monday Meet Up
On a Monday we need to be seated over at Monday meet up by 8.50am ready to go but children are welcome to go over earlier and enjoy the seniors singing before this time. You don't need to wait for teachers to take your child over - after dropping off bags in the classroom, children can start to make their way over to sit on the blue mats (just leaving the front row for our new entrant children). Otherwise we will bring over any children who wish to come over with us. Parents and whanau are welcome to attend - why not grab yourself a drink from our friendly 4 Rivers Coffee Shop team to enjoy while you're there.

Monday - optional lunchtime swim for Inaka & Wai Iti classes (spaces are limited due to supervision)
Wednesday & Friday - class swimming
Thanks to our fabulous families who are remembering to send togs along on those days - we have had nearly a 100% swim rate!

We will collect in last weeks reading books on Monday and we hope to have our Reading Returns Roster up on the noticeboard - if you have a spare half an hour during the week, we'd love it if you could sign up to return our books to the book room during the term. Preschoolers not a problem.

Classroom Release Time
This year our Classroom Release Time is working slightly differently than in previous years. This term we will have Miss McLaughlan - our deputy principal, releasing the teachers in Inaka for half a day each, four times during the term.

This week Miss McLaughlan will be releasing Tina on Tuesday morning from 9-11.45am and on Thursday from 11.45am-3pm she will be releasing Monique. Our regular class programme will for the most part continue as normal on those days. We look forward to getting to know Katrina during the term.

Blog Updates
Remember you can sign up your email address into the 'follow by email' link on the blog, follow the instructions and then you'll receive all our blog news via email. Come see us if you want a hand to set this up - it only takes a minute.

Meet the Teacher Picnic
Join us this Wednesday 20 February at Edgar McIntosh Park on Condell Ave from 5.30-7pm. Bring a family picnic and come say hi to the teachers in Rakaia River (Monique, Tina, Vanessa from Inaka, and Kiri and Danielle from Kereru). There is a paddling pool there if your children want to have a splash, and Kiri is organising some sports gear for those that are keen. A lovely way to connect with teachers and other class families (siblings welcome). This replaces our usual Meet the Teacher interviews.

Look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday :)


Unfortunately we have had several reported cases of headlice in Inaka - please check your children's hair daily and treat if needed. It's always a good reminder for children to tie long hair back. Even after treatment, please continue to check on a regular basis.

Craft Workshops with Lola and Ada

This week Lola brought her craft box along to run workshops with small groups. This then inspired Ada to do the same. We love it in Inaka when you see something fabulous and use it for inspiration. Lots of children have enjoyed making cards, letters and artworks over the week. Thanks Lola and Ada for sharing your crafty skills with us.

Tyson's Go Noodle Fun

Go Noodle is a class favourite and we love choosing a variety of movement and mindfulness throughout the day. Tyson requested his favourite - the chicken dance and soon others wanted to come and join in the fitness fun.

If you want to create your own go noodle log in for your child at home, you can find a link on the right hand side of our blog.

Learning Choice Fun

We are such busy bees in Inaka during our learning choice time. Here are Felicity and Lily creating with the duplo.

Check out the concentration at reading time!

Addison and Finley work cooperatively to complete as many puzzles as they can!

Friday, 15 February 2019

Birdy Comes to Visit

Tommy introduced us to his gorgeous kitten Birdy today. We learnt that Birdy is a Maine Coon/Ragdoll cat and is only twelve weeks old. She was super friendly even when everyone wanted to have a pat. We thought she felt so soft and smooth.

Thanks Tommy for letting Birdy visit us in Inaka.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Learning About Symmetry

Today we were learning about symmetry in butterfly wings. We had a go at painting one side of a butterfly's wings and then folding it over to make symmetrical pattern on the other side. You can check these out on display in Inaka.

Elodie's Art

We were super impressed with Elodie's drawing of Charlie the Cheetah today. Elodie used great observation skills to get the spots in just the right places as well as thinking about the colours she would need.

Missing Ukulele

Tommy Modica's red ukulele may have gone home with the wrong person on Tuesday night. Ukulele players please check! The ukulele is named ... it's in a black bag.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Check out this awesome couch that the children made in Inaka using the cardboard bricks. What a great opportunity to collaborate, problem solve and create.

Swimming on Wednesday

Remember the togs for class swimming on Wednesday.

Scooters, Rip sticks and Wheels

To keep our walkway clear outside our classroom we are now reminding the children to park their named bikes, scooters and rip sticks outside Ti Kouka in front of the old junior playground in the stands available. That way it is easy to grab and go on the way to the scooter park at break times.
Can you please help your child with this for the next few weeks as they get used to the new system.
Many Thanks.

Meet the Teacher Evening

You are all invited to our River team Meet the Teacher picnic on Wednesday 20th February from 5.30-7pm at Edgar McIntosh Park on Condell Ave. It is a great chance for families from Inaka and Kereru to get together, meet the teachers and put names to faces. Kereru is the other class in our Rakaia River and they are a year 5/6 class.

Bring a picnic dinner for your family and there is a shallow paddling pool there for any families who want a splash. We will have some sports gear for the children to use.

Tina, Vanessa, Monique, Kiri and Danielle all look forward to seeing you there.

Happy Birthday George

Happy 6th birthday George for Wednesday - we hope you have a lovely day.
Love from Tina, Vanessa, Mrs O and Inaka

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Inaka Kids in Action

It was great to see the children exploring their new learning environment, reconnecting with old friends and making new friends in their first week back at school.

Week 2 (11-15 February)

Welcome to Week 2 :)

Monday Meet Up
For those new to Waimairi School, we start each week with a Meet Up in the school hall at 8.50am.
Parents and whanau are most welcome to stay and join us for this if you wish.

A very warm welcome to our new children to Waimairi who have joined us in Inaka - Jay, Moko and Kadyn. We hope you enjoy your time at Waimairi and we look forward to having you as part of our school community.

Music Lessons
Music lessons start this week for those children who have signed up to learn singing or an instrument.
There are still some available spaces for Year 2 children to learn the recorder - if you are interested please email

Kapa Haka
Junior Kapa Haka starts this week on Tuesdays from 1.30-2pm.

Monday lunchtime is an optional swim for Inaka children.
Wednesday and Friday are class swimming days - please ensure children have their swimming togs/towel at school on those days.

From this week onwards, we welcome Vanessa Reynolds who is teaching for Tina on Wednesdays this term.

We are starting instructional reading this week so please look out for a reading book in the reading folders (Monday-Thursday) and our poem on a Friday. Books can be kept in reading folders for the week and we will collect them from the children the following Monday. Poem books need to be returned to our poetry book containers the following school day please.

Contact List Details
Please return your forms to Tina or Monique during the week please.

Term 1 is a sunhat term - all children should have a well named blue wide brimmed hat at school every day please. These are kept on the children's bag hooks.

The children are now able to use their scooters, ripsticks etc during break times on the hall courts. These must be walked to and from the hall court area.

Have a great week.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

First Swim

What fabulous weather for our first day at school - just perfect for a swim! It was great to see the children enjoying the water on such a hot day.

Welcome to 2019 in Inaka

A warm welcome to all our children and whanau joining us in Inaka this year. We are looking forward to getting to know your children and meeting you all over the coming weeks.

This term Tina will be teaching 4 days a week with Vanessa Reynolds teaching on Wednesdays each week for Tina. Tina and Vanessa are happy for the children to call them by their first names but Monique goes by Mrs O in the classroom.

Morning Routines
In the mornings we meet with our Ora Group children separately to do the roll and have a story and catch up with the children before meeting all together as Inaka. The children in Monique's Ora Group meet in 21A (classroom space on the left) and Tina's Ora Group meet in 21B (classroom space on the right).

Each classroom space has a shelf for the children in each Ora Group to put their lunch boxes and drink bottles on and we will be eating all together inside Inaka for our morning tea and lunchtimes with the children having their play time outside before coming in to eat. The children also have a named tote tray in their Ora room for keeping their reading folders in and we would love it if the children could put their folders in there before school each day once reading gets underway (from Week 2 onwards).

Inaka will have class swimming on Wednesdays and Fridays in the afternoon - please ensure clothes are well named as we will be getting changed in the pool changing rooms. There will also be an optional lunchtime swim for our children on a Monday lunchtime for those that would like to have an extra swim.

Term 1 is a sunhat term and it is expected that all children will have a navy blue wide brimmed sunhat at school each day. This is especially important given that we have lost a few trees due to the rebuild. Please check these are clearly named. Children can keep these on their bag hooks in the classroom.

We will start our normal instructional reading programme from Week 2 as we are spending this first week getting to know the children and to explore our new learning space. From next week the children will have a reading book to share with you at home on Monday through to Thursday and they will bring home a poem on a Friday. Please send poetry books back to school on a Monday.
At this stage we do not have a class library time as the library space is being used as a new entrant classroom but we will update you if this changes during the year.

Parent Information
We will be using the blog to let you know what is happening in Inaka each week so please enter your email address in the box on the top right of the blog and then all our updates will automatically come to you via email - saves you having to search for the blog each time. We are happy to show you how to do this if you need a hand.

For school-wide information you can use the school website, Waimairi School Facebook page or join up for the twitter/text alerts (you don't need to use twitter for anything else if you don't want to!) There is also a copy of the daily notices on the whiteboard by our 4 Rivers cafe so you can check it out when ordering a hot drink at the start of the day!

Room Access
Currently you need to access our classroom by walking through Te Kouka (old Te Puna junior block) - please enter at the far end door just past Room 1 as if you are going to the office and then come through the middle space and through Room 5. The side door in Room 5 leads straight to Inaka. Stay tuned to the school wide notices for any updates to class access ways as these are likely to keep changing over the next few weeks.

If you have any queries, please feel free to pop in before or after school to catch up with us or send us an email (we do not always have time to check it while we are teaching so if you have an urgent message please ring the school office).

Kind Regards,
Monique, Tina & Vanessa