Monday, 18 November 2019

Lunchtime Swim Tuesday

Inaka and Wai-Iti children have the option of a lunch time swim on Tuesdays starting from this week. If your child would like to have a swim in their lunch play time (weather dependent) please send swimming gear along.

Our class swimming days are Wednesdays and Fridays - children will need swimming togs on both these days each week.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Caught showing kindness in Inaka!

Inaka have been showing kindness. Kindness can be saying kind words or doing kind things to help 'fill up someones bucket' with good thoughts or feelings. We have seen children hold doors open for others and have fabulous mat manners by being considerate whilst their peers share projects. We have heard kind or encouraging words said to one another, and we have looked at children helping out their friends with projects or tying shoelaces etc. What fabulous Inaka children we have! Every time the teachers saw or heard an act of kindness we put a pompom in the jar. Once the jar was filled to the line we celebrated by going to St James Park, just for fun and to enjoy being around our friends. Super work Inaka. Mrs O and Tina are very lucky to have such kind and caring tamariki.

Celebrating Angus and Nevaeh

Well done to Nevaeh and Angus for learning their list words. Tino Pai to Mahi - Very good work!

Week 6 (18-22 November)

Welcome to Week 6.
We hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather over the long weekend.

Mufti Day on Monday 
This Monday 18th November is a mufti day to raise awareness about the use of palm oil in products. There is no money required but the children are encouraged to wear orange if possible.

St John's Visit
On Monday our ora group's each have a session with St John's Ambulance Service as part of our Keeping Ourselves Safe inquiry. Children will have a poem for reading on Monday night instead of a new book.
If you would like to make an optional gold coin donation to St John's please send it along on Monday.

Class swimming starts this week and our Inaka swimming days are Wednesdays and Fridays. We will let you know about a Year 1/2 optional lunchtime swim once days have been confirmed.
Please ensure children have their togs, towel and swimming goggles at school each Wednesday and Friday. Swimming will be dependent on the weather.

PTA Meeting
The PTA meets this Tuesday night, 7.30pm in the staffroom (hall foyer). New faces most welcome - we'd love to see you there. This is the last official meeting for the year so a great chance to come along and find out more about what we do.

Classroom Release Time
Tina's ora group has CRT with Miss McLaughlan on Thursday 11-12.30pm.
Mrs O's ora group will be with Miss McLaughlan 1.30-3pm on Thursday.

Please ensure children have their sunhats at school every day please.

Have a great week :)

Chloe's Mouse

We are loving the sewing projects in Inaka at the moment - here is Chloe with her mouse. We love how the children are inspired by each other and wanting to try new things. Chloe did an amazing job with her hand stitching and then adding the eyes, whisker and little button nose. Great effort Chloe - you worked very hard to complete this.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Ana's Fish Tank

Ana has also completed her own fish tank project. If you look very carefully you might be able to spot the fish who lives in the tank. We love that Ana thought about the colours of the water when she was painting - it really gives a neat effect to the fish tank. Well done Ana - we loved hearing all about your wonderful project and we were super impressed with how you made a cardboard stand on the back so it can stand up on a shelf. Very clever!

Harry's Bug

Harry has created this amazing bug out of his imagination! It even comes with a removable microchip in the middle. Harry has really taken his time to paint it and add eyes, using the hot glue gun to stick them on. He's done a very careful job with the painting too. We love that Harry didn't even need to use an ideas book for inspiration - his brain has plenty of ideas!!

Lola's Mermaid Diorama

Lola has created this amazing looking mermaid by sewing it and then decorating it. She originally wanted to cover the tail in different coloured material but found it was rather tricky so she problem solved and thought of another solution - drawing the detail on instead. We love that she also created a home for her mermaid complete with fish that she sewed, sea weed and even real sand! Lola has enjoyed showing it off to Mr Anderson and some of the other classes who also thought it was amazing. Well done Lola - you have put lots of thought into this.

Izzy, Ada and Sienna Make Ice Cream

Izzy, Ada and Sienna decided to try ascend experiment to make their own ice cream. They each bought along ingredient and combined cream, sugar and vanilla essence in a small bag. Then they placed this inside a bigger bag filled with ice cubes and salt. The salt makes the ice colder which helps the ice cream to set faster. Then they had to do lots of shaking of the bag to churn it up and just like magic it turned into ice cream. Sadly there was none to show Inaka (only photos) as of course they had to taste test it to make sure it turned out well. By all accounts it was delicious!

Cecilia's Underwater Diorama

Cecilia has been super busy working on her underwater diorama. To begin with she sewed a bird but decided it looked more like a fish. That gave her an idea to create a habitat for it. She has chosen colours that remind her of the sea to paint the diorama and then added mermaids (she has a good one and an evil one!) We love the detail that has gone into this and how Cecilia has kept on going, doing a little bit almost every day to finish it. It looks superb!

Marble House by Zac, Miles, Ash, Sam and Eason

This group of boys have been busy creating a marble house to use for their marbles. We love how they have each added their own part to it. There is a tunnel which leads to a secret door, a slide, and a drawbridges well as a little house next door. It has taken the boys about 5 weeks to complete it and they have tested it out with marbles to make sure it works. We love that they were inspired by the marble run set we have in Inaka but making your own one is so much more creative!
Well done Zac, Miles, Ash, Sam and Eason - great team work and collaboration.

Eleanor, Kayla and Sidney's Unicorn Computer

Eleanor, Kayla and Sidney have created this detailed computer for unicorns! It has free wifi on the top, a google app, and the weather is on the screen. We found out that unicorns love sunny days after the rain! What lucky unicorns to have such a flash looking computer - Tina and Mrs O think we need one with cool patterns like this for our school work!

Kimmie's Unicorn

Wow Kimmie has done an amazing job on her unicorn. This was Kimmie's first sewing project and she was so patient, persevering with her sewing and making sure her stitches were small and close together. We love how she added the mane and some google eyes to finish it off. Inaka were very impressed.

Week 5 (11-14 November)

Welcome to Week 5 :)

Canterbury Anniversary Day
A reminder that there is NO school on Friday 15th November as it is Canterbury Anniversary Day/Show Day. We hope you all enjoy the long weekend.

St John's Visit
On Monday 18th November we will be having our session with St John's Ambulance Service around 'Responding in an Emergency'. There is no official cost for this programme however St John's is always appreciative of any donations to assist them with reaching more tamariki as their sponsorship from ASB and ACC does not cover the full cost of delivering their programme. If you would like to make a gold coin donation, please feel free to send along a gold coin any time between now and next Monday and we will make a donation on behalf of Inaka.

Thanks for encouraging your children to keep their named blue sunhats at school - we appreciate your support with this. We have almost 100% of children with their sunhats on each day now which is fabulous especially with the hotter days we have been having.

Arrival Times
A reminder that children should be arriving at school from 8.30am onwards. Prior to this teachers are busy with class preparation for the day or at staff meetings and are not always in the classroom to supervise children arriving early. We are always mindful of the safety of the children if something should happen when there is no supervision provided. If you require support with supervision before 8.30am for a particular reason, please do let us know as we are happy to work something out with you. Please do come chat or email us if needed.

PTA Meeting
The PTA have their last official meeting for the year on Tuesday 19th November at 7.30pm in the staffroom (hall foyer). We would love to see anyone whois keen to come along and join the team. There's a few familiar Inaka faces on the committee - we'd love to see a few more :)

Fun Run
Thanks to everyone who supported the PTA's fun run on Sunday. It sounds like it was a fabulous morning and the weather played it's part. From the photo's we've seen it looks like many got into the spirit of dressing up and enjoyed the opportunity for some family exercise. Well done to everyone who took part.

A huge thanks to our lovely helpers who have been shelving our reading books over the past few weeks. You're all amazing and very much appreciated!!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Fun Run this Sunday


We are looking forward to a fun morning running and walking around Nunweek Park on Sunday. The forecast is suggesting a couple of showers possible but it's going to be warm and a bit of rain won't matter if we're moving! If the weather is very poor, check the Waimairi website and Facebook for cancellation notification but it's unlikely.

5km race will start at 10am, 2km race start approximately 10.30am. Note, this is a change in order from last year.

We will take registrations on the day (EFTPOS available) but it will be quicker if you've pre registered.

Even if you have pre registered, you will need to arrive with time to get your wristband at the Waimairi gazebo by the start/finish line on the Harewood Rd side of the park, near the playground.

Anytime Fitness will be there to run warm ups for those who'd like to join in.

FOOD - we have sausages and bacon butties, Mr Whippy, a coffee cart and Flips pancakes all selling food so you can treat yourselves after you've run!

Don't forget some change for face painting and Bubbles the clown will be entertaining the children too.

On the day there will be marshalls around the course pointing you in the right direction. We could still do with 2 more adult helpers on the day. If you can help, please contact Debbie (0276976543).

Don't forget to dress up, it makes running even more fun - and you might win a spot prize!!

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Elodie's Slime

Elodie was very keen to make slime for her latest project and enjoyed making hers a wonderful shade of blue. We are loving our easy recipe we have found which contains no harmful ingredients - just needs an adult to supervise the cooking part. We are sure Elodie has had loads of fun with her slime - it looked wonderfully stretchy!

Tennis Fun

Some snapshots from our two tennis lessons.