Sunday, 24 February 2019

Week 4 (25-1 March)

Welcome to Week 4 :)

Lunchtime swim on Monday 12.30pm for Year 1/2 children.
Class swimming - Wednesday and Friday.

Kapa Haka
Junior Kapa Haka is on Tuesday afternoon.

Bey Blades
These have become super popular in Inaka but are proving difficult to store during the day. We are going to try having a bey blade day on Fridays only so would love it if you could remind the children to keep them at home until Friday.

Please do not send other toys to school as they can be quite distracting during our learning time. We have plenty of activities for the children, and a selection of toys in our family corner for children to use at school instead. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

Reading Book Returns Roster
Thanks to those who have already offered to help on our weekly roster - this is most appreciated.

Upcoming PTA Events

Crusaders V Chiefs Rugby Match - Saturday 9 March 5.15pm.
$22.50 adults, $10.50 child which includes a child's goody bag and access to the Mobil Smiles Fun Zone (kids inflatable area). Visit for tickets - enter promo code 'Waimairi'
Buy two or more adult tickets and receive a free car parking pass (limited to first 100 - contact our PTA once you have purchased tickets or you can also purchase a bus deal from the Elmwood Tavern in to the game for first 45 people at $5 adult or $3 child). PTA contact Andrea Kempthorne at

"How to raise a Champion: Balance is Better" fundraising event.
Join us in the school hall on Thursday 28 March at 6.30pm (doors open from 6pm) and help us raise money for the school pool.

Hosted by Sport Canterbury, hear how we as parents can actively support our children to become 'champions' - not necessarily the best at something but rather the best version of themselves. The speaking line up includes some of our local sporting talent such as Andrea Hewitt and Anton Cooper. They'll present their personal experiences in becoming 'champions'.

Limited tickets available so be in quick as this will be opened up to other school communities this week. $20 per ticket plus booking fee of $3.50.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Buddy and Charlie Go AWOL

On Thursday night Buddy the Chimp and Charlie Cheetah decided to play a game of hide and seek with Inaka. No one could find them at the end of the day which meant there was a few sad children but luckily Kiri happened to spy them hiding in a box out by the playground after school!

Mrs O and Tina put them on their jellybean tables for the night but in the morning it looked like they had been having a bit of fun in our classroom overnight. Look at the pictures we found at the photocopier in the morning!!! Cheeky class toys! At least they were growing their brains and trying out some of our learning choices.

Finding a good book to read - is Buddy reading it to Charlie?

 Tired friends - are you having a nap in our family corner?
Prince Buddy looks like he is enjoying teaching Charlie how to write!
Fun with farm animals! Great to see you sharing the toy animals.
Domino maths - we love how you are matching the numbers to continue the domino patterns.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

George shows perseverance

In Inaka we value the dispositions that help us with new learning. George has been trying since the beginning of the 2019 school year to miss a bar on the big monkey bars. Today George's perseverance paid off! Way to go George! Your persistence in mastering this new skill has meant you are now able to miss a bar on the big monkey bars. We are proud of you.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Spotted in Inaka this Week

In Inaka each day we have a block challenge for the children to replicate. One of our challenges this week was a playhouse - Makenzie and Paige worked together to create their own version - it even has furniture and a TV!

Duplo is another Inaka favourite and while the weather has been so lovely we have been making good use of our walkway to create. Finnley, Amelie and Tyson worked together beautifully to make  an animal sanctuary. Great teamwork!

Sketching Cheetahs

This week some children have been challenging themselves with their sketching to look for detail in pictures. We used a photo of a real cheetah and had a go at trying to sketch one ourselves. It was great to see so many observant sketchers having a try - it was quite tricky getting the body shape just right. Check out Lily and Felicity's amazing efforts!

Bellbirds Learn About Rhyme

Our Bellbirds group were learning about rhyming words in our reading group today. We found the word 'wet' in our story about Monster at the Pool and worked out we could use our letter sounds to sound out the letters and then blend it to make the word - w, e, t, wet

Then we brainstormed other words that sounded like wet and used our letter sounds to spell these as well. Look at how many they could find!

Robot Art

This week the children have had the option of creating robots using newspaper and vivid. We had such creative looking robots and they were all so different. Here is a selection from the children who opted to have a go.

Picnic Fun

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Rakaia River Picnic - it was lovely to see such a wonderful turnout on such a beautiful evening and to see the children enjoying the playground and pool. We hope you enjoyed a chance to connect with other parents and to put a face to Tina, Vanessa and Monique, as well as Kiri and Danielle from our buddy class in Kereru.
Even Buddy the class Chimp looked like he was having fun!

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Picnic reminder and end of day routines

Kia Ora all.

Reminder for our River meet the teacher picnic evening tomorrow night. 5:30 – 7:00 Edgar McIntosh Park off Condell Avenue. Bring a rug, picnic dinner and if your child wants a splash in the pool, some togs. Will be great to see you there!

End of the day routines
We are working on tweaking our end of the day routines so we can end the day with some community time with our Ora children. To help us alleviate congestion in the classroom at this time could parents please wait outside until children are let go from class. Of course after that you are MORE than welcome to pop in for a chat or look at your child’s learning. We do love to see your faces after school so please don’t stop coming in!! J

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Week 3 (18-22 February)

Welcome to Week 3 :)

Monday Meet Up
On a Monday we need to be seated over at Monday meet up by 8.50am ready to go but children are welcome to go over earlier and enjoy the seniors singing before this time. You don't need to wait for teachers to take your child over - after dropping off bags in the classroom, children can start to make their way over to sit on the blue mats (just leaving the front row for our new entrant children). Otherwise we will bring over any children who wish to come over with us. Parents and whanau are welcome to attend - why not grab yourself a drink from our friendly 4 Rivers Coffee Shop team to enjoy while you're there.

Monday - optional lunchtime swim for Inaka & Wai Iti classes (spaces are limited due to supervision)
Wednesday & Friday - class swimming
Thanks to our fabulous families who are remembering to send togs along on those days - we have had nearly a 100% swim rate!

We will collect in last weeks reading books on Monday and we hope to have our Reading Returns Roster up on the noticeboard - if you have a spare half an hour during the week, we'd love it if you could sign up to return our books to the book room during the term. Preschoolers not a problem.

Classroom Release Time
This year our Classroom Release Time is working slightly differently than in previous years. This term we will have Miss McLaughlan - our deputy principal, releasing the teachers in Inaka for half a day each, four times during the term.

This week Miss McLaughlan will be releasing Tina on Tuesday morning from 9-11.45am and on Thursday from 11.45am-3pm she will be releasing Monique. Our regular class programme will for the most part continue as normal on those days. We look forward to getting to know Katrina during the term.

Blog Updates
Remember you can sign up your email address into the 'follow by email' link on the blog, follow the instructions and then you'll receive all our blog news via email. Come see us if you want a hand to set this up - it only takes a minute.

Meet the Teacher Picnic
Join us this Wednesday 20 February at Edgar McIntosh Park on Condell Ave from 5.30-7pm. Bring a family picnic and come say hi to the teachers in Rakaia River (Monique, Tina, Vanessa from Inaka, and Kiri and Danielle from Kereru). There is a paddling pool there if your children want to have a splash, and Kiri is organising some sports gear for those that are keen. A lovely way to connect with teachers and other class families (siblings welcome). This replaces our usual Meet the Teacher interviews.

PTA Meeting
If you've ever pondered joining the PTA they have their first meeting this Tuesday 19th February starting at 7.30pm in the staffroom (foyer of the hall). This is a fabulous bunch of parents and teachers to be involved with and besides the monthly meetings you only ever commit as much time as you'd like to anything above and beyond. The PTA would love to see some new faces come along, especially those of you who have junior children. If you have any questions just ask Mrs O who is one of the teacher reps on the committee.

Look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday :)


Unfortunately we have had several reported cases of headlice in Inaka - please check your children's hair daily and treat if needed. It's always a good reminder for children to tie long hair back. Even after treatment, please continue to check on a regular basis.

Craft Workshops with Lola and Ada

This week Lola brought her craft box along to run workshops with small groups. This then inspired Ada to do the same. We love it in Inaka when you see something fabulous and use it for inspiration. Lots of children have enjoyed making cards, letters and artworks over the week. Thanks Lola and Ada for sharing your crafty skills with us.