Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Buddy's Adventures in Australia

Buddy has been having a marvellous time exploring Australia with Mrs O and her family. He loved his very first plane ride and was lucky enough to be on a brand new Air NZ plane that was having it's very first passengers!

Kangaroo spotting on the side of the road in Brisbane.

Visit to Australia Zoo

Buddy's view of the crocodiles while he was having lunch.

Buddy watching the Irwin family - Terri, Bindi and Robert with their crocodile show.

Buddy was impressed when the keeper picked up this crocodile and took him away before the really big crocodile came out!

Buddy was too scared to touch the snakes!

Aaaaah! Watch our Buddy!

Buddy enjoyed watching the tortoises being fed.

Don't look behind you Buddy!

A trip to Movie World on the Gold Coast.

Buddy went for a ride on the scooby doo roller coaster - both Buddy and Mrs O think it might be the first and only roller coaster ride they do as it was very scary!

Buddy on the ferry sailing down the Brisbane River.

Buddy's treat - a slushy at Southbank.

Chilling out on the beach at Southbank.

A kangaroo just next door to where Buddy stayed on Stradbroke Island.

The view from where Buddy stayed on Stradbroke Island.

Crab hunting on the beach at Stradbroke Island.

Buddy loved his trip away but he missed his friends in Inaka. Now he's wondering where he might go for his next school holidays!

Monday, 29 April 2019

Welcome to Term Two!

Kia Ora Whanau.

Welcome to Week One of Term Two in Inaka.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday full of rest, relaxation and family time.

Tina spent a large chunk of the holidays with family who travelled up from Invercargill. They went to the Zoo, Margaret Mahy playground, Parks, Swimming and just hung around home reading stories and climbing trees with family and friends! Charlie Cheetah had a lovely chilled time meeting the other toys at the Dower house.

Mrs O is still travelling back from Brisbane as of right this second! She had a wonderful time celebrating her sisters wedding with lovely weather and fantastic views with loved ones. We are looking forward to seeing what Buddy the chimp thought of his adventures as he was travelling around with the O'Sullivan household!

*************LATE START TO SCHOOL TOMORROW- A note from Mike****************
Kia ora Waimairi Whanau,

Sadly the stormy weather of late this afternoon, which has cut power to around 2000 Christchurch houses, has severely damaged to building site perimeter fencing at school (see attached photos).

The contractors have secured extra workers at late notice, who will start at 7am (when it is light enough to work safely) to repair the fencing. They believe that by 10:30am we will have a secure site again. 

Therefore our start to the day is delayed tomorrow. School starts at 10:30am. Please do not bring children to school until this time.

For those of you who had children at the After School Centre today, we will arrange to have some staff to to there for your kids again.

Our Science ignition will begin at 10:30am and the bell for going into class will be at 11:00am.

This is a sad setback from Mother Nature, just as we had got back on track with the rebuild project.

However, MoE regulations require full fencing, with polythene protection, around the contaminated soil area. And this can't be put back in place until 10:30 am.

This inconvenience needs to be balanced against our priortiy for the health and safety for you, our staff, and your children.
Nāhaku noa, nā
Mike Anderson

Science ignition tomorrow morning
Term 2 starts tomorrow with a special challenge to ignite our science term. You and your children can collect your mission booklets from staff at the gates as you arrive. Thinking like a scientist you will be using your observation skills to find items from the living world around the school (think scavenger hunt) Head back to Inaka at 11:00am when you hear the hooter to compare results.

Trip to Ferrymead this Friday the 3rd of May
This Friday our River (Inaka and Kereru) will be spending the day off the school site to visit New Brighton Beach and Ferrymead.

We are leaving school promptly at 9:15am and heading to New Brighton Beach for morning tea. When there, we are able to visit the playground, Pier and Library – Excluding the beach. At 10:15 we will leave to head to Ferrymead for our next round of activities.

We will be departing Ferrymead at 2:15 to get back to school by 3pm.

There is no cost for this event.

We are in need of parent helpers. If you are able to help out for the day please fill out the form that will be heading home tomorrow in your child's reading folder, or email either Monique or Tina. As usual your help on such events is so appreciated.

A few reminders
  • Sunhats to stay at home this term Term. Only required during terms one and four 
  • Please return poem books into boxes in the morning and reading folders into tote trays
  • Reading books to return roster is up on the entrance way wall in Inaka for those of you who are able to help shelve them please pop your name up
So looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Even if it is a little later than anticipated!
Welcome Vanessa tomorrow (Tuesday) who is in for Mrs O as she is travelling back from Aussie.

See you all at 10:30


Monday, 8 April 2019

Congratulations Inaka

Congratulations Inaka on your fabulous singing performance at Monday Meet Up. We have had so many lovely comments telling us how much people enjoyed watching you and how clearly you sang the words. And even though some of you had a wee bit of stage fright, you showed courage and perseverance and soldiered on, making us so very proud of you all. Ka pai Inaka.

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Izzy the Sherbet Scientist

Izzy the Scientist decided she was going to make sherbet for her first project this year. She used the help of her big brother Darcy to get a recipe, organised the ingredients with her mum as well as organising her mum to come and help her and then set to work following the recipe and creating sherbet.

When Izzy told us about her sherbet she used some wonderful describing words to tell us what it tasted like - sour, sweet, tinkly, and fizzy. She explained that mixing the acid with the other ingredients created a reaction which made the fizzy taste in your mouth. We also discovered it was a similar reaction to making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar which also fizzes. Next time Izzy thinks she would like to try and make the sherbet a bit sweeter by adding more jelly crystals.

Football Coaches - Sam, Ash, Zac and Sam

Some of our boys decided they wanted to do a project where they could teach soccer skills to a group of New Entrant children. First they had to plan exactly what they would teach them and organise all the gear they would need. They practised themselves first with their big buddy Jack from Kereru before organising with Mrs Cummack if they could borrow 8 children to teach.

By the looks on their faces, the little people loved their time with Sam, Ash, Zac and Sam. It is really neat to be able to take a passion for football and then turn it into a project where they can share their skills with someone else. Great job boys on being so organised and looking after the Nga Puna children so well.

Tyson's Laptop

Tyson has also recently completed his first project in Inaka. He planned to create his very own laptop, complete with a keyboard, screen, password and an apple logo! We love how he thought about all the details you would find on a real computer and then included these in his design. Afterwards Tyson decided to add his own iPhone, iPad and laptop case. We loved seeing your finished design Tyson - and you have inspired a lot of other computer projects now which is very cool.

Sienna the Teacher

Miss Sienna was spotted teaching her little class of children! We love a good book in Inaka and Sienna was reading Car Shopping to her friends, using the pointer so they could all join in! Ka pai Sienna - we love seeing you enjoy our big books!

Tommy the Author

Tommy has just complete his first project in Inaka - his very own Dogman book! Tommy demonstrated great perseverance working on it over several days and we think it is fabulous. He has even illustrated it with amazing detailed pictures, including two pictures that you can make move when you turn the pages!