Thursday, 30 May 2019

Mufti Day Tuesday 4 June

Waimairi's Student Council is organising a mufti day on Tuesday 4 June to support the Christchurch City Mission. Send the children in their favourite mufti clothes and we would appreciate a donation of non perishable goods (e.g. tins/cans of food, rice, pasta and sauces) or toiletries.

Please put this in your calendars as it is the first day back after the Queens Birthday holiday on Monday.

Poetry Books for Friday

Please hunt out the poem books and send them along on Friday for class poetry.

Whanau Hui

Dear Parents,
You are warmly invited to our school Whanau Hui on Tuesday 4th June at 7pm.  We will be discussing Matariki and Kapa Haka. Anyone with an interest is welcome to come along.
Venue: Staffroom (hall foyer)

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Week 5 (27-31 May)

Welcome to Week 5 :)

School Closed Wednesday 29 May
A reminder that school is closed this Wednesday, 29 May due to the teachers strike.

Classroom Release Time
Monique's ora group have PE with Mr Lukes on Thursday afternoon this week.

Chocolate Fundraiser
Families who are happy to sell chocolate as part of this terms PTA fundraiser should now have been issued their box of chocolate (eldest child in the family). From this week there will be PTA volunteers by the hall before school each morning for you to drop off your money or to collect additional boxes to sell. If you cannot sell an entire box you are able to return the remainder of chocolate with money from sales. Every box sold puts you in the draw to win a prize including a tablet, speakers and other great prizes! For those who indicated they would prefer to make a donation rather than sell, the PTA tank you for your contribution and donations can be made online or through the office.
Happy selling (or eating!)

Scooters and Bikes
There has been a slight change to our scooter and bike areas whilst the grass by the hall is being resown. Scooters can now be used on the courts by the hall or on the courts in front of Ti Kouka (by the pool and junior playground). Bikes will be able to be used on the back field and Darren will be painting lines to show you where you can ride (along the building fence line only). There will also be bike stands located there for those who wish to park their bikes closer to the bike area. Scooters and rip sticks continue to be parked as usual outside Ti Kouka (not outside Inaka please as this is the main thoroughfare to the field).

Please remind children not to bring personal toys to school. Pokemon cards are fine but for break times only.

Poetry Books
Last week we had a huge number of children who did not have their poem books at school. This makes it difficult to do their accompanying sketch in their books - we'd love it if you could have a big hunt at home for these and return them to school ready for this Friday. They go in the red poem boxes - there is one in each class space. Many thanks.

Kapa Haka
This Tuesday 1.30-2pm in the hall.

Chess Club
Every Thursday lunchtime (12.30pm) in Room 4 with Mr Lukes. All ages abilities welcome from beginners to experts.

Year 1 and 2 library times this week:
Wednesday lunchtime 12.30pm
Friday morning tea time 10.30am.

Upcoming Dates
Friday 21 June - School Disco
5.30-6.30pm Juniors (Year 0-3)
6.45-7.45pm Seniors (Year 3-6)
Reminder that Year 3 children can choose which disco they go to but cannot attend both. $2 entry.
Children must be picked up from inside the hall. Preschoolers welcome at the junior disco.

Another big thank you to our lovely reading helpers for shelving our books. Also to those who have helped fill up the roster in the entry way. You're fabulous!

Have a great week :)

Friday, 24 May 2019

Phonics fun with Sabela's mum

Inaka are lucky enough to have Sabela's Sophie come in on a Thursday to help us make connections between our letter names and sounds...and make some pretty cool art activities! Look what they got up to. Thanks Sophie!

Harry's sewing project

 Harry wanted to design his own Teddy Bear for his sewing project. First he had to list all the things he would need. We found material in the art cupboard and cut out his Teddy Bear template shape. Harry worked hard over many days to sew and stuff his bear. He choose to draw his own eyes and smile on. Harry can now add his very own Teddy Bear to his collection. Well done Harry. You worked hard!

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Parent Questionnaire

This week all the children in Inaka should have brought home a questionnaire for parents to fill out. Nikita Gregory from the University of Canterbury really appreciates you taking the time to complete this. Please return completed questionnaires to Tina or Monique by next week if possible.

If your child was away on Tuesday, let us know as we have questionnaires for them. Also one was accidentally left behind on Tuesday at the end of the day (Mrs O's ora group) so if you haven't located one in the bottom of the school bag let us know.

Thanks for your support with this.

Fun with Maths

It was neat to see our children enjoying a range of maths games this week. The boys are enjoying 'Toss and Add' where they have to roll two dice, add them together and then try and be the first to make three in a row. This is a wonderful way to practise addition, recognising dot patterns on dice, number recognition and working on strategic skills. Sam, George, Finnley, Harry, Moko and Cooper look like they are having lots of fun with this game!

Lily was really engaged in making patterns with the dominoes. Dominoes can be used for all kinds of maths - adding the dots together, matching numbers, recognising dot patterns, ordering numbers and finding doubles (e.g. 2+2, 4+4). If you have some at home, why not get them out and see what maths you can do with them!


This term we are focusing on getting our project learning up and running. This is a chance for the children to plan a project of their choice and can be based around an interest, passion or something new they'd like to try. Some children are underway with their projects, some have already completed one, some are beginning to plan one and others are still in the thinking about it stage (and that's ok too).

Ask your child if they have a project plan - if not you might like to have a chat about what they might like to do. Last week we looked at different ideas and projects that some of our older children did last year to give them some inspiration. Some possible ideas are:
* Singing/performing a song or dance
* An art project (new technique or improving a skill)
* Box construction creation
* Paper mâché
* Sewing
* Gardening/planting/growing a seed
* Science experiment
* Sports (teaching others)
* Baking (limited to 1-2 baking projects at any one time as they are dependent on parent help)
* Make a musical instrument

Thanks also to Nevaeh and Harry's families for donating lots of fabulous sewing supplies this week - these will come in super handy! Thanks also to our wonderful families that are keeping our box construction supplies going by bringing along small boxes and tubes for creating. These disappear rapidly so we really appreciate these.

Nevaeh is doing a sewing project at the moment and is making her very own Charlie cheetah. 
She has chosen her material and used a template to make the shape and is now onto her sewing.

Ethan is making a pokemon card holder. He has made the box shape and has now drawn 
around the box edges on coloured paper so he can decorate each side and disguise the box. 
We can't wait to see how it turns out - it will be so useful for all those pokemon cards!

Hugo's Rainbow Fish

Hugo drew this fabulous rainbow fish - we love the colourful scales all over his body. It's also a favourite story that we love reading as it reinforces the message that it's cool to be a kind friend. Hugo - it's great to see you enjoying your artwork.

Angus our Cross Country Champion

Congratulations to Angus who received a certificate for third place in the cross country event last term. You showed perseverance and speed Angus. Well done!


This week lots of the children have enjoyed sketching in their learning choice time. We loved these pictures of minions and are sure you'll love them too!

Celebrating Sidney

Congratulations Sidney on learning all your List 2 words - you have been working super hard. We are so proud of you.

List 1 Word Stars!

Congratulations to the following children who have all recently received their word stars for knowing all their List 1 words - Ada, Addison, Finley, Chloe M, Ethan and Lachie.

If your child has been practising their red List 1 words at home with you and you think they now know them all - please touch base with Tina or Monique and we can test them at school and then send home the next set of words. It is important to continue to revise and practise previously learnt words as well in order to maintain them and when learning a new list only add 2 or 3 unknown words at a time.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Basketball Fun

A group of Inaka children got the chance to practise some basketball skills on Friday. This was a discovery time project for some of our older buddies from Kereru and our children always love the chance to be involved in activities like these.

Week 4 (20-24 May)

Welcome to Week 4 :)

There is still a nasty gastro bug doing the sounds at school. Please keep children home for 48 hours after their last symptoms to avoid spreading this further.

There are also quite a few children with coughs and colds. Please ensure children have a hanky or tissues to blow their nose on. We are reminding children of the importance of hand washing and disposing of used tissues in the bin (not leaving them around the classroom).

If your child is unwell and absent, please remember to let the school office know in the morning on 03 352 9208. Feel free to leave a message if it's out of school office hours.

Classroom Release Time
This week Mrs O's ora group have PE with Mr Lukes on Thursday afternoon.

PTA Help Still Needed
We still need 4 helpers to help run a water station at the Christchurch Marathon on Sunday 2 June from 7.30-11am. This is a very social morning and a great way to connect with other parents and help the PTA earn funds for our school as well. It would be lovely to have some more helpers from Inaka to hang out with Mrs O and Rebecca (Ben's mum) so if you are able please let Monique know. Older children (intermediate or above) can also help. It involves setting up the water/drinks tables and handing out the drinks to the runners as they come through.
Email: or have a chat before or after school.

PTA Monthly Meeting
The PTA meets this Tuesday 21 May at 7pm in the staffroom (hall foyer entrance). We love seeing new faces so if you're keen come along and join us. We have a few familiar faces from Inaka on our committee - Cara (Sam's mum), Olivia (Sienna's mum), Rebecca (Ben's mum) and Mrs O, but are always looking for more helpers. There is no commitment to take on anything additional other than the monthly meetings and the PTA is a lovely friendly bunch, plus it's a good excuse to get out of the house on your own every now and again!

Chess Club
Thursday lunchtimes 12.30pm in Room 4 with Mr Lukes. Any age and ability can attend.

Library Times
The library is open for our Year 1 and 2 children on Wednesday lunchtime 12.30pm and Friday morning tea time 10.30am in Room 4. Loren our librarian is there to help out and it's a nice play to spend break times especially over the winter weeks.

School Closed - Wednesday 29 May
As you will be aware school is closed next week on Wednesday 29 May due to Strike action. The After School Care Centre across the road is taking bookings for any child needing care (limited places) and you can also contact the school office if you need help arranging childcare for this day.

A huge thanks to our lovely helpers who have put our reading books away over the last few weeks. We really appreciate your time with this. Thanks heaps!

Have a great week :)

List 3 Words Celebration!

Congratulation to Izzy and Sienna who have both recently learnt all their List 3 words. When you reach this milestone we celebrate with a special treat! Well done girls - you've now successfully completed all three sight word lists.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Sabela & Nevaeh's Alphabet Medals

Congratulations Sabela and Nevaeh on getting your alphabet medals and working so very hard to learn all your letters. We are so proud of you both.

Cooper, Nevaeh & Cleo Become Royalty!

Check out these fabulous readers with their crowns inspired by a shared book they read called 'I am the King!'

Ira and Felicity Get Creative

Ira and Felicity were spotted working together to create this duplo house. The horses have a stable, the children have a raised bed with steps, and the duplo Dad has made pizza for dinner! We love the creativity and oral language that this activity inspires!

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Marathon Volunteers

The PTA still need 5 more helpers to run the water station at the Christchurch Marathon on Sunday 2 June from 7.30am to 11am. If you can help please let Mrs O know.

Week 3 (13-17 May)

Welcome to Week 3 :)

Classroom Release Time
Tina's ora group has PE with Mr Lukes on Tuesday morning 9-10.30am this week.

Kapa Haka
Junior kapa haka is on Tuesday afternoon 1.30-2pm.

Library sessions at morning tea and lunchtime won't be operating this week as Room 4 is currently being used as a classroom while work is being done in Room 1/2.

Chess Club
Chess club is on Thursday lunchtime 12.30pm.

Lost Property
We are trialling having our class lost property on the blue table outside Inaka (this includes the many jerseys we pick up off the floor each day that aren't in bags or on hooks). Please have a look before or after school and claim anything that belongs to your child. We will continue to encourage the children to put their belongings in the right places! We have also sent a big pile of unclaimed items with no names on them to the main lost property box by the hall.

A reminder please that personal toys are to stay at home. We are still having to remind children about this during learning time. Thanks for your support with this as it does make life easier in the classroom.

Reading Returns Roster
Thanks to our wonderful parent helpers who have been shelving our reading books over the last couple of weeks - you are wonderful! It is most appreciated.

Box Construction
Thanks to those who are bringing in small boxes and tubes for our projects - we are always in need of more so please feel free to keep refilling our two plastic bins under the red tables in Mrs O's side if you have spares. No boxes larger than shoe boxes or cereal boxes please as they are difficult to store.

Sewing supplies
We have a couple of children doing sewing projects at the moment so if anyone has any spare/unwanted pins/needles or cotton that they no longer want, we would love them in Inaka.

There is a stomach bug doing the rounds at the moment - the message from Mr Anderson is please stay home for an additional 48 hours after symptoms have cleared.

Have a great week :)

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Cleo and Nevaeh Get a Principal's Award

Cleo and Nevaeh decided they wanted to sketch Mr Anderson and Murphy today so we found some photos to put up on the TV screen for them to sketch. We loved the details in each picture - they captured their personalities so well. We loved Mr Anderson's checked shirt, Murphy's special eyes and the lead that Mr Anderson uses to walk Murphy around school. The girls thought Mr Anderson would love a copy for his wall in his new office so we framed their pictures and delivered them to Mr Anderson in person. He loved them so much they are now the first artworks to adorn the walls of his office and in return he gave them a Principal's Award sticker to say thanks for thinking of him.

Spotted In Inaka This Week

Check out these fabulous children spotted hard at work in Inaka this week...

1. Amelie's block challenge: Air NZ plane that Buddy went on to get to Australia
2. Nevaeh and Ada collaborating on their farm
3. Finnley, Paige, Izzy and Lola creating patterns with the peg boards

Cecilia's Drawing Puzzle

Can you work out Cecilia's drawing puzzle? These are all Disney princesses or characters and she has illustrated them with such great detail. We love how she gave us a clue by giving us the first letter of their name to help us! How many can you name?

Ariel (Little Mermaid)
Anna (Frozen)
Merida (Brave)
Elsa (Frozen) 

Maths with Chloe and Chloe!

Check out these budding mathematicians! Chloe and Chloe wanted to practise their maths skills by doing addition on their whiteboards. It is great to see them so keen to grow their brains and challenge themselves. We love maths in Inaka!

Kimmie's Alphabet Work

Check out this amazing alphabet work Kimmie has been doing in Inaka. Many of our children are working hard on their phonics and are are making lots of connections between letters and their sounds. Kimmie you look like you are doing quality work! We love how Buddy is learning his sounds with you too! Kk is also for ka pai.

Don't forget you can access some great literacy games on our blog with a focus on letters and their sounds - log on to the blog via a computer (some of the games don't work on a iPad) and look for the literacy links on the right hand side of the blog. You can find the blog page on the home page of our school website - just search Waimairi School's website.


A reminder that we would appreciate personal toys being kept at school please. These are proving to be a distraction once again. Thanks for your support with this.


Hi all,
Currently there is no bike riding during break times as the bike track area is roped off for the grass to grow back. Scooters are still fine though but only on the hall courts area.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

New Brighton and Ferrymead Trip

Here's a few snapshots from our visit on Friday.

New Brighton
We enjoyed a walk down the pier, watching the fishermen, and looking at the waves crashing below us and the surfers. This inspired some lovely conversations, connections and oral language.
Then we enjoyed eating our morning tea under the big tree and playing on the playground - we found lots of cool equipment that spun, made music, could be climbed or balanced on!

At Ferrymead we explored in our mixed groups that included children from both Inaka and Kereru (our year 5/6 buddies). We had a scavenger hunt to complete as we visited the different areas and some of us chose to dress up with some old fashioned clothes. Some of the things we explored included the Hall of Flame, the jail and police house, grocery store, school, bank, lawyers, exhibition room, old style washing and living, and we all made a biscuit to enjoy at the end of our visit.

The children decided it was not much fun being at school in the olden days - Mrs Green was very strict and a little scary for some! We talked about how she was just pretending - thank goodness school is not like that anymore!