Sunday, 30 June 2019

Week 10 (1-5 July)

Welcome to Week 10 :)
Can you believe it's the end of term already!

Science, Soup and Stars
We look forward to welcoming you to our Science, Soup and Stars evening on Monday 1 July. Please assemble just inside the Tillman Ave gates at 5pm for the welcome. This will be followed by the opportunity to have a cup of homemade soup (please BYO cup) and then a chance to wander around classes to see our Science learning. What a lovely way to celebrate Matariki.

Classroom Release Time
Tina's ora group have PE with Mr Lukes on Thursday morning.

This week we sadly say farewell to Jay and his family who are moving to Oxford. We wish Jay all the best for the move to his new school.

Please remember to leave a message with the office if your child is absent (including why they are away e.g. sick or doctors appointment).

The library in Room 4 is open at morning tea and lunchtimes for any children who want a quiet space to relax with a book.

Chess Club
Thursday lunchtimes in Room 4 with Mr Lukes. All ages and abilities welcome.

Lost property
Please check for any lost property this week - we have a growing number of small lunch containers again so please rescue these from the blue shelf in Tina's space before the end of term.

Holiday Break
School finishes for the term on Friday at 3pm. We look forward to seeing the children refreshed and ready for learning again on Monday 22 July.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Support for Mrs Stoddart

Emma Stoddart has been teaching at Waimairi School for 10 years, and is mother to Eli (in Keruru) and Jacob (now at Heaton.) She has Multiple Sclerosis and has made the very hard decision to get HSCT done - a stem cell transplant. She and her husband Chris, are going to Mexico in September and will spend a month undergoing some extensive treatments including a full course of chemotherapy. The hope is that this will stop the disease progressing any further. Emma will not be able to work for about a year. It is expected that the cost of this will be over $100,000.
Waimairi School wants to support Emma and Chris in anyway with their fundraising efforts.

There are a few ways you can help:
• drop a donation into the office
• donate something to be made into raffles (chocolates, wine, non -perishable goods
for example)
• donate a voucher or similar that could be auctioned

As part of their fundraising, they are having a Fiesta! Drinks, food, raffles, auctions, music,
dancing and fun! 16th August, 7pm. Tickets will be on sale soon. Please, tell all your friends and family.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Online Health Questionnaire

Kia ora,
Recently your child may have bought home a questionnaire about sharing health information with schools. We are supporting Nikita Gregory, a University of Canterbury student, gather data for her PhD and she would love to get your feedback. 

Below is the online link to the questionnaire - it takes about 5-10 mins and on completion you get the opportunity to go into the draw for a $100 grocery voucher! Most importantly she would just love to hear from you!
Thank you so much!

Also a huge thanks to those families who have already filled in the paper copy and returned it to school. 

Bakers Sofia, Ana, Eason and Finnley

After a few delays due to sickness, Sofia, Ana, Eason and Finnley finally got to make their sprinkles cake with the help of Mrs S. This recipe had sprinkles cooked inside the cake to give it a really cool effect when it was cut. The children also decorated it with icing and extra sprinkles on the top.

When it was finished the group had to use their fraction knowledge to divide the cake into quarters. It is important when you use fractions that each piece is equal!

How many quarters would they have cut the cake into?
How many quarters did each person get?

Spotted In Inaka This Week

Who have we spotted this week?

Addison and Finley making their putty recipe - the girls enjoyed getting hands on to make it go from hard to liquid when they touched it. They also found out that art dye is not the best choice to colour the putty! Luckily baking soda works a treat at removing dye stains off hands!

Makenzie creating with the play dough.

Nevaeh practising her handwriting and letter formations.

Kimmie and Khloe practising their handwriting.

Sienna, Sabela and Cleo working cooperatively on the duplo.

Elodie and Eleanor working on their art.

Chess fun with the boys!

Kimmie and Tommy creating farms together.

Puzzle fun with Cleo, Khloe and Nevaeh.

Lily and Kayla working on their group art project.

Archie and Mojo working on the other end of the cooperative art project.

Mermaid art - a collaborative artwork.

Sam and Benjamin creating their version of the playground block challenge.

A few playground designs on the daily block challenge.

Louis the Chef

Louis and his helpers (Zac, Ethan and Ash) had a wonderful time cooking chocolate mug cakes for his project. Louis was very kind choosing some friends to help him out and even kinder making two extra mug cakes for Tina and Mrs O to enjoy for their lunch.

Louis had to follow a recipe (sequencing) and measure ingredients (maths) to make sure his cakes turned out successfully. The teachers agree they sure did!

Week 9 (24-28 June)

Welcome to Week 9 :)

Classroom Release Time
Tina's ora group have PE with Mr Lukes on Tuesday after lunch.

The library is now up and running in Room 4 at morning tea and lunchtimes. Children are welcome to pop in and browse books or find a quiet activity to do. Please remind children that access to the library is from the outside door only (next to the office door) - not through the middle of Ti Kouka.

Soups, Stars and Science
We look forward to hosting you all at school next Monday 1 July from 5pm. There will be a welcome first so please assemble by the trees as you come in the front entrance. Following this, you will be able to enjoy a cup of soup (BYO cups) and then be able to visit the different classes to see the Science learning that has been taking place this term.

This Thursday Mrs Liz Lawrence will be teaching in the morning for Vanessa (9-11.45am).
On Tuesday Mr Anderson will be teaching Mrs O's ora group for the last half hour (2.30-3pm).

Remember to keep checking every few days - this helps break the cycle and spread.

There continues to be a lot of sickness still circulating - colds/fevers/runny noses as well as a vomiting bug. Please keep children home if they are unwell to avoid spreading bugs amongst the class. In the case of vomiting - children must be symptom free for 48 hours before returning to school (from the last incident of vomiting or diarrhoea).
Remember to phone in absences to the school office if children are away from school.

Kapa Haka
Junior Kapa aka is on Tuesday 1.30-2pm in the hall.

Chess Club
Every Thursday lunchtime in Room from 12.30pm with Mr Lukes.

Thank You From Mrs S
Mrs S left the children a gorgeous message board with individual messages to each of the children as a thank you for her time in Inaka. This is pinned up in the entranceway - do take a couple of minutes to have a look as they are so thoughtful and really do sum up the gorgeous qualities of our Inaka children. Esther also presented the class with two board games to enjoy. We will certainly miss Esther  - she was a real asset to the class during her seven weeks with us.

Have a great week :)

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Kimmie's Playground Tree

Vanessa spotted Kimmie persevering with the jigsaw puzzle and how she then added animals to make an animal tree. I wonder how many animals Kimmie put on her tree - how many can you count?

Block Mat Challenge

Todays block mat challenge was a playground. It was fabulous to see children working on recreating different pieces of equipment based on their own knowledge of playgrounds as well as using the picture prompt for looking for detail. Which playground would you like to visit? There are swings, towers, slides and all sorts to choose from.

Elodie's playground.

Ethan's playground tower.

Tommy's playground tower.

Cairo and Finnley's playground.

Cooper's Marble Maze

Cooper shared his finished marble maze with us today - we found out that he painted it orange and red to be like fire colours! We were impressed with the maze track inside and it prompted lots of discussion around how he made them (using the pointy ends off egg cartons). They are great obstacles. Then Cooper borrowed some marbles so that other children could come and have a go at his maze. Great work Cooper - you have made a quality project and we bet you'll have lots of fun using it.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Baby Hazel Comes to Visit

We loved seeing baby Hazel last week - thanks Tina for bringing her in to help us with our science learning! We have been learning about Living Things so it was great to have a real baby to look at and observe. We noticed that Hazel can move in different ways, she can eat food just like us but mashed up, she can breathe air, she gets rid of her waste by pooing and she can communicate in different ways.

Please come visit us again Hazel - Inaka loved having you. There were lots of questions and connections being made especially with a couple of our children who are getting baby siblings later in the year!

Jay's Fabulous Writing

We are loving Jay's writing and the effort he is putting in to write his stories independently. What wonderful progress from the start of the year to now Jay - you should be so proud!

Elodie the Baker

Elodie has just finished her baking project. She was super organised - she had to find a recipe, organise her ingredients and book her mum in to come and help!

We love baking as their is so much maths involved. Measuring, counting and even time!
At the end we counted how many cupcakes Elodie made - she had 8 small ones and 6 big ones.
We worked out that 8+6=14 and it we could count them in 2s!

Elodie tells us that her family enjoyed them for afternoon tea.

Spotted In Inaka!

Wow we have some creative children in Inaka. Here's a sneak peek at some of the learning that has been happening lately...

Tyson's play dough creations - he used these as a writing prompt for his story writing.

Moko, Finnley and Jay practising their addition with a fun maths game.

Cairo, Ash and Eason creating on the block mat.

Jay the writer and illustrator!

Lola, Izzy, Sienna and Ada creating a detailed town map.

Ben, Kimmie and Kayla sharing their duplo creation - lots of collaboration!

A spectacular creation on the block mat! Look at how carefully the blocks are balanced!

Chloe's Treasure Box

Check out this gorgeous treasure box that Chloe has made - just perfect for keeping treasures in. We love the way Chloe has painted her box carefully and added decorations to give it an extra WOW factor! Great effort Chloe.


How exciting today at Meet Up to have Inaka children winning prizes from our chocolate fundraiser.

Congratulations to Tyson who won a voucher for selling the second highest number of boxes - we know he had lots of fun selling it around the neighbourhood.

There was also a prize draw and for every box sold, you got one entry into the draw. Tyson and Ada both won fitness trackers - well done! We loved celebrating with you.

If you have any outstanding money or unsold chocolate tomorrow (Tuesday) is the last day to send it back please. There will be PTA helpers outside the hall before school to collect it. 

Lola Graduates!

Congratulations to Lola who graduated from Rainbow Reading this week. Mrs Stoddart tells us that Lola has worked so hard on her reading and was so wonderful to work with. We are so proud of you Lola - it was great that Mum could come and celebrate with you too.

Fundraiser for Mrs Stoddart

Our wonderful teaching colleague Emma Stoddart is currently fundraising for upcoming treatment in Mexico for stem cell treatment for her Multiple Sclerosis. Many of you will know Emma either from her work teaching Reading Recovery, through the PTA, or teaching in a variety of classes at Waimairi school over the years. Her son is also one of the gorgeous Kereru boys in Year 6.

The cost for Emma's treatment is $100,000 and we are keen to see Emma meet her goal before her treatment starts in September. Emma has a givealittle page up and running - if any one would like to donate to a fantastic cause I know Emma and her family would be most appreciative. Every little bit helps. To donate, please click on the link below.

Help Emma Fight Multiple Sclerosis

If you have Facebook - we would love it if you can share the give a little page amongst your friends - we are trying to reach as many people as possible. Thanks so much.

Disco this Friday

Join the fun on Friday 21 June for our school disco - with a crazy hair theme!
Junior disco is 5.30-6.30pm for children in Year 0-3. $2 entry.
Children must be collected from inside the hall at the end of the evening by a parent.

Have fun!

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Week 8 (17-21 June)

Welcome to Week 8 :)

Final Week
This week is Esther Sanson's final week with us in Inaka before she returns to University to continue her studies. We have absolutely loved having Esther at Waimairi and she has been a real asset to have in our classroom. We wish Esther all the very best for her future teaching career.

Chocolate Fundraiser
All remaining money and/or unsold chocolate must be returned to school on Monday or Tuesday this week please. The PTA ladies will be by the hall before school on these mornings. Thanks to all our families who have supported our fundraiser - your efforts selling chocolate or donating money has been most appreciated.

Classroom Release Time
Tina's ora group have PE with Mr Lukes on Tuesday morning 11-12.30 and Mrs O's ora group have PE on Wednesday from 11-12.30pm.

Mrs O is at a planning day on Tuesday this week. Vanessa will be in teaching instead.

Kapa Haka
Junior kapa haka is on Tuesday afternoon 1.30-2pm.

Chess Club
Thursday lunch times in Room 4 with Mr Lukes for any keen children.

Lucky Book Club
Orders from the latest catalogue are due by the end of the week please.

Soups, Stars and Science
Monday 1 July at 5pm we are celebrating our Science term along with Matariki. You are invited to school for soup (please bring own soup cups) and then to enjoy visiting classrooms and seeing what the children have been learning about in Science. Families to gather at the entrance on Tillman Avenue at 5pm for the welcome. We hope to see you all there.

Please keep checking hair regularly for headlice. It's also a good idea for children with long hair to have it tied back.

Have a great week :)

Congratulations Lachie

Well done Lachie for learning all of your list 2 words. You have worked so hard and couldn't wait to get your list 3's! You show great perseverance and eagerness towards learning. We are proud of you.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019


Headlice appears to be doing the rounds again at school - please keep checking children's hair and treat if needed.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 :)

Classroom release
This week Tina and Mrs O's ora groups both have PE with Mr Lukes on Thursday. Tina's group in the morning from 9-10.30am and Mrs O's group after lunch.

Mufti Day
This is happening on Tuesday 11th June this week - wear your favourite clothes and please bring a donation for the City Mission (tinned food, rice, pasta, toiletries all accepted).
For those children who brought an item last week, you don't need to bring anything else.
We will collect the items in class at the start of the day.

This is coming up on Friday 21 June from 5.30-6.30pm in the hall for the juniors in Year 0-3.
$2 entry.
Crazy hair theme.

Chocolate Fundraiser
Please return all money and any unsold bars of chocolate to the hall before school this week. Look out for our lovely PTA helpers near the coffee shop each morning before school. Remember for every box sold, you get one entry into the prize draw to win those fabulous prizes (speakers, tablet etc).
Good luck to all those who have been busy selling!

Our next PTA meeting is Tuesday 18th June in the staffroom (hall foyer) at 7pm. We love seeing new faces so if you're interested in finding out more about what we do, then we'd love to see you there. Any questions - feel free to ask Mrs O :)

Chess Club
Open to all ages and levels of experience from beginners to advanced. In Room 4 with Mr Lukes every Thursday lunchtime 12.30pm.

Lost Property
We handed out all named lost property on Friday. With the winter weather here, it is a good time to double check that jackets, hats, jerseys etc are all well named. The school lost property box is also located next to the hall for any other items you may be missing.

We also have a growing collection of small lunch containers, many with coloured lids. These are on the blue lunch box shelf in Tina's space. Please take these if they belong to you - they have been sitting there for quite a few weeks now. Anything unclaimed will be donated to the community stall at the end of term.

Poetry Books
Please return these to our red poem containers on Monday morning please.

Have a great week :)

Sabela, Sienna & Ada's Science Experiment

Sienna is teaching Sabela and Ada all about science and sharing her knowledge with them. Sienna had done an experiment on how to mix three new colours using just red, blue and yellow dye so she thought she would help others learn how to do it.

The girls needed 6 glasses the same size to put water in. Then they have added yellow, red and blue dye to three of the containers. Next they have used folded paper towels to link each container to the next. We have been watching with interest and the girls have noticed that the colour is creeping up the paper towels and going into the container next to it. At the end of the day we noticed that the yellow and blue had created a green colour when the two colours mixed together.

Did you know:
* Yellow, red and blue are called primary colours? They can be mixed together to make new colours.
* Colours like green, purple and orange are called secondary colours - they are made using a combination of primary colours.
* Capillary action is the name for when the colour creeps up and over the paper towels - it's like the liquid is being sucked upwards!

We ca't wait to see if there are any more changes on Monday when we come back to school.