Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Felicity and Ira's Beany Boo Houses

Felicity and Ira with the help of Lily have been creating these very detailed houses for their beany boos since last term. We love how they have thought of all the things their toys might need including beds, baths, toys, food and play areas. Lots of detailed thinking and perseverance to complete their project to a very high standard. You can check it out in more detail on our trophy shelf by the kitchen.

Ash, Louis, Sam and Zac Bake Fudge

Check out these busy bakers who made some delicious looking fudge based on a recipe from Ash's Nana. Ash did a super job organising his group and working out how to share it fairly between the four children. He worked out we had to use fractions, which was super as we are learning about fractions in Inaka at the moment! Ash knew each person needed one quarter each. Lucky boys - we bet you had the most delicious afternoon tea!

Sidney the Artist

Sidney has created this stunning artwork based on a beautiful picture she found of flowers. We love the attention to detail with the fence in the background, the long red pathway and all the colourful flowers. Sidney has learnt lots about colours and tried using different paint techniques to create different effects. It makes us think of summer time - just beautiful!

Cecilia's Farm

Cecilia has been very busy over the last term creating her farm - even having to remake some parts again when they needed a bit of fixing. Now she is finished and it looks fabulous - she has even painted animals in the paddocks. Cecilia's farm has a gate to stop the animals escaping too - just perfect. You'll have heaps of fun playing with this Cecilia!

Elodie's Computer

Check out Elodie's very cool computer! It even has a special lock to keep it safe. By the looks of the apps on it - we think Elodie will love playing with this at home! You have persevered with this Elodie and made it really detailed and colourful.

Congratulations Lachie

Congratulations Lachie on learning all your List 3 words - we love celebrating this achievement!
You should feel very proud.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Birthday Celebrations and Lollies

Hi all,

Lately we have had a few very kind children bringing along lollies to share with the class for birthdays etc. We have had a chat and decided that this could become a a bit of a health problem with so many children having birthdays over the course of the year so please can we ask that no more birthday treats be sent to school for the class. We also don't wish this to become an expectation for families to have to do this and in line with our school guidelines it's much easier to discourage this instead.

We celebrate class birthdays by being the birthday teacher for the day, singing to our birthday children, and they get to be 'caught in the net' and choose their classmates to join them for special iPad time at the end of the day instead.

Thanks for your understanding with this.

Our Wee Helper

Last week we enjoyed having our wee helper Frankie in Inaka. She had lots of fun making patterns with the pegboards.

Addison and Finley's Slime

Addison and Finley had loads of fun following instructions in their slime kit to create this very stretchy slime! It was neat to hear the girls describing the texture and sharing it with their friends. Look how stretchy it is!!

Cairo and Eason's Marble Run

Cairo and Eason showed great cooperation to create this awesome marble run out of the duplo. There was lots of testing and adjusting and alterations being made.

House of Bricks Lego Fun

A huge thank you to the PTA for organising and funding our session with the House of Bricks last week. The children had so much fun creating 'art' with lego and we loved seeing the creative ideas that the children came up with. There was a real mix of collaboration and independence and everyone agreed it was so much fun!

Week 2 (29 July-2 Aug)

Welcome to Week 2 :)

This week we welcome Joshua to Inaka who joins us from Wellington. We look forward to getting to know Joshua and we will welcome him officially at our Welcome Meet Up in Week 3.

Tina is away on Monday so Mrs Liz Lawrence will be relieving. Welcome Liz!

This term Tina resumes full time teaching and Vanessa is now teaching in Nga Puna with the new entrant/year 1 children for the rest of the year. It was great having Vanessa as part of our class and we will miss her popping in. Luckily we don't have to go far to say hello!

Classroom Release Time
This week Tina's ora group have PE with Mr Lukes on Tuesday afternoon and Mrs O's ora group have Mr Lukes on Thursday morning 9-10.30am.

Kapa Haka
Tuesday afternoon 1.20-2pm

Playground Leaders
Lunchtime activities with the playground leaders this week. If wet, the activities are cancelled.
Monday: Ball Tag on the field (Year 0-4)
Tuesday: Invisible Tag on the field (Year 0-4)
Wednesday: Touch rugby on the field (Year 0-4)
Thursday: Football on the field (Year 2/3 only)

Chess Club
Thursday lunchtime 12.30pm in Room 4. All ages and abilities welcome.

Poetry Books
Please return these on a Monday to our red containers.

Support for Mrs Stoddart
Please see the flyer below for details on Emma's fundraising event. Everyone is welcome to purchase a ticket and come along for a great night of music, supper and some amazing raffles and auctions on the night. It would be so wonderful to see lots of people from our Waimairi community there to support Emma and to help her with her fundraising for her upcoming stem cell treatment in Mexico in September. If you prefer you can pay for tickets at the office ($40 each) or via the eventbrite link listed below. Grab some friends and come along - we hope to see you all there.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Charlie Cheetah's Holiday

Charlie has had a relaxing holiday with short trips to Hammer Springs and Twizel.
He loved seeing the snow on the hills and loved finding these chickens in Fairlie as he walked along the street! Charlie enjoyed being out in nature - he can't wait to hear what outdoor adventures you've all had!