Friday, 30 August 2019

Touch Rugby

Our Waimairi touch rugby season starts in Term 4 and registration day is coming up fast. This is a really awesome way for our junior children to get involved in a fun team sport (half an hour games on a Tuesday night at Nunweek Park from 5pm and no weekly practices!) No prior skills or expertise is needed - the children learn as they play in a fun relaxed environment. The touch module runs during Term 4 and continues in Term 1 next year as well.

Our junior touch teams need both girls and boys so if your child is keen pop along on registration morning to the hall on Thursday 5 September between 8am and 9am. If you can't make registration day you can send your form to the office along with $38 payment. Fees cover playing costs, uniform tops and team gear. Final day for registrations is Friday 13th September.

Forms were emailed out this week - but please see Tina or Monique if you need a copy.

Help for Sausage Sizzle Needed

Mitre10 Sausage Sizzle
**Help needed please** 

This is our last turn for Waimairi School PTA to run the BBQ at Mitre 10 Papanui on Sunday 8th September.
Please, please, please we need volunteers to help with the BBQ. If you are able to help for a one hour slot between 9am- 4pm please let Megan on the PTA know. This could be done with a friend if you know someone else who might be keen - friends, family, grandparents etc.
Contact Megan on if you can help. 
Many Thanks. 

Thursday, 29 August 2019

No Reading Tonight (Thursday)

There is no reading today for homework because Inaka were planning our musical instruments instead. Elodie suggested you could read your favourite book at your house if you wanted to. Thanks Elodie :)

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Calling for all recyclable goodies..We are making music!

Kia Ora Whanau.

We are after items to make our musical instruments.

If you have any of the following at home, please fire it our way

- Straws
- Metal bottle tops/beer bottle tops
- Cardboard tubes
- Small containers with lids
- Glass jars, preferably small with or without lids
- Bells, e.g. old Christmas decorations or anything rattly

Thanks Team.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Music with Waiiti

We loved visiting Waiiti last Friday. We practised keeping the beat steady and at the same pace with our instruments. We learnt what the different percussion instruments are called and just had fun jamming along, singing to our favourite songs and keeping the beat.

Hola! - Inaka learns spanish

Sabela's mum Sophie came into Inaka to teach us Spanish. We listened to stories, sung action songs in Spanish and just had a blast! Thanks so much Sophie. We hope to see you again soon. Gracias!

It's ganna blow!! 🌋 Harry and Cooper's volcanic eruption

Harry wanted to complete a science experiment for his project learning. He wanted to make a volcanic eruption. Harry had made an eruption before so knew all the things he would need,  baking soda, vinegar, a bottle and container for the eruption to be contained in.  I prompted Harry and asked if there was some way we could make the eruption look like it was coming out of a volcano...and the rest is history! Cooper was near by and loved the sound of what Harry was discussing and decided that he too would love to make a volcanic eruption. Cooper and Harry began sharing some of their ideas for the 'how' they would make it. Other tamariki in Inaka were working on paper mache for their projects, so the boys decided to paper mache around their containers to make it look like a volcano. This was exciting! Harry and Cooper quickly discussed the other items they would need to make the boulders, trees and colours needed to make brown paint. They worked tirelessly and added such wonderful details to the outside of their volcano's. Finally, eruption day was here.We took the volcano's outside and watched them go! The boys even captured the interest of some older tamariki passing by. I loved their enthusiasm, perseverance and willingness to try something new. These boys are scientists! Well done team.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Week 6 (26-30 August)

Welcome to Week 6 :)

Classroom Release Time
This week Mrs O's ora group have PE with Mr Lukes on Wednesday morning 9-10.30am.

Poetry Books
Mrs O's ora group seem to be missing more than half of our class poetry books which must mean they are hiding somewhere at home. Please have a hunt and send them along to school in time for Friday. We also use these to sketch in to tie in with our weekly poem so it means children are missing out on being able to do this learning.

Over the next few weeks we are going to start making our own instruments. If you have any clean empty tins or cans, metal bottle tops or small plastic containers with lids we would love them for our Music inquiry.

Parent Helpers
A huge thanks to our lovely parent helpers who have assisted us over the last few weeks with washing our towels, cleaning our paintbrushes and art area and returning our reading books. You are amazing and we really appreciate your time. Thanks you so much!

Kapa Haka
Tuesday after lunch in the hall 1.30-2pm.

Chess Club
Thursday lunchtime in Room 4.

Playground Leaders
Most days the playground leaders are running games on the field (weather permitting). We have noticed lots of children enjoying these in the last few weeks.

PTA Arty Antics
The PTA have a neat event coming up on 20 September - Paint and Sip/Arty Antics. Limited to 40 tickets only, this will be held in Ti Kouka (office/classroom block beside Inaka) and you will be guided step by step to complete your very own painting on canvas. All equipment is provided in the ticket price. BYO drinks and nibbles. Non alcoholic beverages will be provided. There is an early bird price of $45 if you are in quick, and then from the 7th September ticket prices will be $50.

Hotdog Helpers
The PTA is also after a couple of parents to help with organising the hot dog roster and supplies. This is not a huge job especially when shared between two people. If you are able to help please get in touch with Mrs O or Sienna's mum Olivia in Inaka. This is urgent as without a new coordinator, hot dogs may not be able to go ahead in Term 4!

PTA Secretary
The PTA is also looking for a new secretary to attend our monthly meetings held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm. This entails taking the minutes at the meeting and emailing these out to the committee. You would be joining a fabulous team of mums and dads. Please let Mrs O know if you are interested.

Have a great week :)

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Tuakana Teina - Ethan and Tyson

The Tuakana Teina relationship, an integral part of Traditional Maori society, provides a model for buddy systems. An older or more experienced, guides the younger, or less experienced.
Look at these two! Ethan writing beautifully during independent writing today, wanted help with the 'ing' in 'getting'. In steps Tyson to support and help. So much we love about this photo! Ethan, writing beautifully, showing initiative and asking around for the letters in 'ing' , and Tyson responding and happily helping. Love it!
Well done boys. 

caught with the writing bug! Angus and Kayla

Our Blue Fish group had independent writing today and boy were we impressed with the outcome! It's lovely to see kids confidently communicating through writing and having the courage to get their ideas down on their own. They even showed it off to Mr Anderson. Well done Angus and Kayla.

Lachie's bear project

After creating a fabulous paper mache earth, Lachie had his next project in sight! His very own stuffed teddy bear. Lachie had to plan the items he would need (Material, needle, thread, googly eyes) and even thought to enlist some help from mum for the tricky sewing part. Lachie chose orange material for his teddy and found a bear pattern to trace around onto the material. We love how happy you look with your bear Lachie, and rightly so! It's wonderful. Well done. 

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Sienna and Ada Teach Gymnastics

Sienna and Ada planned a gymnastics project. They had a clear idea about the type of activities they wanted to teach and a list of all the equipment they would need. First they decided to do a practise run using children from Inaka and then they tested it out on children form Nga Puna. We love the concentration on their faces as they all looked to be having a lot of fun whilst practising their gymnastics. Great organising girls and well done on being gymnastic teachers and sharing your expertise with others.

Playdough Challenge

Last week we had a challenge to make a snowman out of play dough. These are a couple we spotted during the day. This was a good activity to develop fine motor skills as well as observation skills (looking at a picture for details). We think Cooper and Sidney did a great job.

Paige, Makenzie and Chloe the Cake Bakers

Another cake project - this time Paige, Makenzie and Chloe were the ones creating this masterpiece! The girls learnt that it ws much quicker to make the cake in the microwave rather than using the oven and it turned out fabulous! Once the cake cooled the girls iced and decorated it with ingredients they brought from home. They each took one third home - another great way of using fractions in a real life context!

Hugo and Tyson's Cake Project

Hugo and Tyson baked this fabulous looking cake using lots of measuring to make sure they had the exact amount of ingredients and then measuring the time to make sure their cake was cooked to perfection. The boys chose the bright green for their icing and then decorated it. To share the cake equally they had to use their fractions to make sure they both got half each. It looks delicious!

Moko and Chloe's List 2 Words

Ka pai Moko and Chloe on learning all your List 2 words. Great effort!

List 3 Celebration for Cairo

Woohoo Cairo! You now know all your List 3 words. Great effort :)

Slime Projects

Kayla and Mrs O found a recipe for a non toxic slime involving just 4 ingredients. Once Mrs O tracked down some psyllium husk powder we were able to get started. This sparked some fabulous oral language as Kayla watched the mixture bubble away and thicken up. She thought it looked like a red galaxy, a bubbling brain and a tornado. It certainly looked really cool! Kayla chose to make hers red and we were really excited that it actually worked!

This then inspired Kimmie to make slime an she invited Cairo, Finnley and Joshua to help make it with her. A real team effort! They chose to make theirs green. Well done on a successful project.

Tommy's Chair

Tommy has created this amazing chair for his toy turtle. He had to measure it and make it just the right size. Then he decorated it by painting it bright colours. Finally, Tommy decided it needed a comfy cushion and blanket as well. This involved lots of fractions as Tommy had to cut his material into quarters to be just the right size. Then he hand sewed the cushions and stuffed it. It looks amazing. His turtle looked very cosy resting on it! What an awesome project - lots of perseverance involved.