Tuesday, 27 August 2019

It's ganna blow!! 🌋 Harry and Cooper's volcanic eruption

Harry wanted to complete a science experiment for his project learning. He wanted to make a volcanic eruption. Harry had made an eruption before so knew all the things he would need,  baking soda, vinegar, a bottle and container for the eruption to be contained in.  I prompted Harry and asked if there was some way we could make the eruption look like it was coming out of a volcano...and the rest is history! Cooper was near by and loved the sound of what Harry was discussing and decided that he too would love to make a volcanic eruption. Cooper and Harry began sharing some of their ideas for the 'how' they would make it. Other tamariki in Inaka were working on paper mache for their projects, so the boys decided to paper mache around their containers to make it look like a volcano. This was exciting! Harry and Cooper quickly discussed the other items they would need to make the boulders, trees and colours needed to make brown paint. They worked tirelessly and added such wonderful details to the outside of their volcano's. Finally, eruption day was here.We took the volcano's outside and watched them go! The boys even captured the interest of some older tamariki passing by. I loved their enthusiasm, perseverance and willingness to try something new. These boys are scientists! Well done team.

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