Monday, 23 September 2019

Week 10 of Term - Happy holidays!

Kia Ora Whanau.

Welcome back to Sam Gilbert who has returned from Port Douglas Australia. So lovely to have you back with us Sam. It's like you never left.

Inaka are having no new reading books this week. If you can pop your old reading books into the red box it would be much appreciated. Instead we are catching up with our musical items and finishing off our testing ready for next Term.

Arts Finale - This Wednesday in the hall from 11:45
Inaka are sharing their musical talents in the hall with Wai iti from 11:45 onwards. You're welcome to bring a picnic lunch and stay on after to eat with you child if you are able to make it.

What a lovely Term we have had. We have been so impressed with our projects this term. Everything from baking to dioramas, paper mache's and more. We would like to say a big thank you to those of you who have been able to parent help over the term. You are so appreciated. We do hope you guys have a lovely break filled with good weather and family times.

Tina and Mrs O.

Laurence Pithie - World cycling champion comes to visit

Waimairi's own (Once at Waimairi, always at Waimairi!!!) Laurence Pithie - Son of our lovely receptionist Jackie Pithie, came to visit. Laurence has returned from Germany a world champion with 2 gold medals for track cycling. Laurence is 17 years old, has been cycling competitively since intermediate school and has 36 National titles. Our Inaka tamariki were so excited to meet someone famous! I was impressed with Inaka's line of questioning - Some of these included  "How many tracks have you cycled on?" "How many medals/titles have you won?" "What's on the bottom of your shoes!" "Where have you raced?" and "Why is your bike so light?'

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Reminders for Friday

Mufti Day
Friday 20th September
Black and white clothing
Gold coin donation please - all proceeds to our chess teams

Sausage Sizzle
This Friday there will also be a sausage sizzle for lunch instead of hot dogs, with all proceeds to the chess team as well. $2 per sausage. Order before school outside the hall. If you have preordered a hot dog, children will get a sausage this week instead.

Arty Antics
Adult painting evening. $50 a ticket which includes all equipment, canvas, paint and expert tuition to take you step by step through creating your own masterpiece. BYO drinks/nibbles and the PTA will provide non alcoholic drinks.
Friday 20 September 7pm in Ti Kouka/office block.
Tickets via eventbrite (search eventbrite then search 'arty antics' to book tickets)

Poetry Books
Please send these to school for Friday :)

Change of Reliever
This Friday Mrs Tracey Maloney will be relieving for Mrs O instead of Mrs Wilson. Tracey taught at Waimairi School last year so will be a familiar face to some of you.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Chloe and Chloe Creating Lego Patterns

What lovely patterns the girls have been making using the lego - possibly inspired by our lego session earlier in the term. We can see lots of interesting things when we look closely.

Rugby Trophies Came to Visit

We were treated to a surprise visit from Grace and her friends in Kereru who were showing us the rugby trophies that Canterbury currently have. The big one was for games played against Auckland which Canterbury have won 19 times to Auckland's 10! The other one was really heavy and was the super rugby trophy. Pretty cool!

School Photos Wednesday

A reminder that all children have class and individual photos on Wednesday 18th September.
Red or blue polo shirts.
Navy shorts for the boys.
Culottes if possible for the girls.
No visible singlets or polyprops under t-shirts please.
Bring your best smiles :)

Rip Stick

We have had a blue unnamed rip stick in Inaka for many weeks. Does it belong to anyone?

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Lily, Felicity, Ira, Ana and Sofia's Play

The girls treated us to a wonderful play about a group of girls having a sleep over party. It made us giggle as there were some lovely funny parts. The girls had dialogue, actions and a storyline to follow along in sequence. It really was entertaining to watch. Great work team.

Archie's Art

Archie drew this fabulous picture to share with you all. Great colouring in and lovely detailed drawing. Well done Archie.

Louis, Miles, Zac and Ash's Beany Boo Tower

Wow - look at this amazing block construction that Louis, Miles, Zac and Ash made together. We love collaborative projects in Inaka - great for sharing ideas, turn taking and problem solving. We bet the beany boos were pretty happy with this!

Elleanor, Kayla and Sidney's House

Wow look at this very detailed house that Elleanor, Kayla and Sidney worked on together. It has everything you could possibly think! Loads of detail and lots of perseverance and hard work girls. Great effort.

Cooper's Lego Maze

Check this out! Cooper made a very cool maze out of lego. Can you work out how to escape?

Minx Comes To Visit

Recently we had a lovely visit from Tyson's mum with Minx the rabbit. Minx had a lot of certificates and ribbons to show us as well as a cool trick of lying on her back on a pillow! It certainly sounds like Minx is a very clever wee rabbit at all the shows she enters! Thanks for sharing her with us Tyson.

Ethan, Moko and Ben the Bakers

Ethan, Moko and Ben completed their first baking project together and made some delicious looking bear cupcakes. Inaka thought they looked fabulous too and were really interested to learn how they made the bear faces using mini oreos, biscuits, mints, m and m's and icing. Judging by their faces it looks like they had fun tasting as they went!

Kapa Haka

We were treated to a dress rehearsal of our fabulous senior kapa haka group on Tuesday afternoon. They were just stunning and we can't wait to find out how they went performing at the Tuhono Festival on Friday night.

Makenzie Graduates

Congratulations Makenzie on graduating from Rainbow Reading. We know that Emma was so very proud of you, as were Tina and Mrs O. You have worked hard and it is so neat to see how confident you have become in your reading. Well done!

Sabela's Art

Sabela found a neat art idea in one of our project books so decided to try something new. She created some fish stencils with a little bit of help from the teachers then used these with a sponge to dab the paint onto paper. Next she added a border to finish it off. We think it looks fabulous and we love how Sabela added candy wrappers to make the sand and pipe cleaners to create seaweed.

Cleo's Monkey

Check out Cleo's cool sewing project inspired by her very own favourite stuffed toy. Now she has two little monkey friends to cuddle at home!

Tyson's Teddy Bear

Tyson made this very cool stuffed teddy bear with the help of some of his friends. He persevered with sewing around the body before stuffing it and then adding lots of cool details to make it look extra fabulous! Great effort team.

Makenzie's Unicorn Piñata

Makenzie has been busy using paper mâché to make a fabulous unicorn piñata. She started with a balloon for the head, added a cone by rolling up paper and then a box for the body. Finally she added cool rainbow fabric for the mane. She is all set for her next birthday party now!

Lola's Maths

Lola was busy with the maths bears the other day doing lots of statistics to work out how many bears there were of each colour in the flower that she made. She made a chart of each colour and the number of each. Then she wrote her findings as a number sentence which she turned into a problem for Inaka to work out the solution - how many bears altogether? It prompted lots of great maths discussion.

Joshua's Maths Pattern

Joshua made this fabulous pattern using the maths bears. He has grouped them by colour to create this really cool effect. Awesome work Joshua!

Chloe's Published Book

Chloe has shown great perseverance working on her fabulous toy that she wrote, typed and illustrated all by herself. Inaka loved having it read to them. We were most impressed with the detailed pictures throughout the book which were consistently coloured the same on each page! Great detail Chloe. You should be very proud.

Moko's Motorbike

Moko designed this very cool motorbike using pipe cleaners and milk bottle tops. It was great to see Moko using some different materials to create his project. It looks very snazzy!